ET200​SP2 Open Controller Lunch and Learn
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As industry continues to move further into the age of digitalization and big data, manufacturers are demanding more and more of their automation controllers and the role of the PLC has evolved dramatically to meet these demands.  Today's controllers are expected to not only be high performant, robust and modular, but they're also expected to have onboard high-level communications, standard/open connectivity, and simple integration with standard PC applications and model-based simulation, just to name a few features. 

Enter the SIMATIC ET 200SP2 Open Controller…!  This controller is a perfect example of a modern "multi-tasking" controller.  It combines the functions of a PC-based software controller with visualization (HMI), PC applications (Windows or Linux), and central I/Os in a single, compact device.

This controller is optimized for series machine manufacturing as well as for machines with distributed architectures.  Due to its compact design, these modular controllers require only minimum space and can be accommodated in compact control boxes directly on the machine, resulting in automation solutions at an incredible cost-performance ratio.  

This controller is perfect for any application having the following requirements:

  • Compact size – very limited space application, requiring a compact, multi-tasking device
  • PC-based controller independent of Windows – has to run 24/7, cannot shut down on Windows failure/update
  • Flexibility – high level modular programming structures allowed this application to be easy adaptable to multiple standards
  • Easy integration of Windows applications – no separate PC needed for PC applications and HMI, only this multi-tasking PLC and a touch panel!