SINAMICS G120 with Smart Access Module​

As plants and machinery construction require custom solutions to automate simple motion sequences, Siemens answers with the full featured modular SINAMICS G120 drive. Integrated features such as safety functions, energy regeneration and basic positioning capability make it a best-in-class for general purpose applications. And with the new SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module, your mobile device is transformed into a virtual operator panel, allowing for easy control of the G120 in every stage – from commissioning to operation, diagnostics, and maintenance.

In the presentation, SINAMICS G120 applications, features and benefits will be covered. In particular, the Smart Access Module functionality will be highlighted. Additionally, a short demonstration will illustrate its intuitive and easy-to-use functionalities. 

During the hands-on component, attendees will use their mobile devices and Smart Access Module to:

  • Commission the G120 drive
  • Change drive parameter values
  • Operate drives in jog mode
  • Acknowledge faults
  • Backup and restore drive configurations


Section IIntroductions and Scope of Event5 minutes
Section IIPresentation – SINAMICS G12030-45 minutes
Section IIISmart Access Module Demonstration and Q&A25-40 minutes
Total (not including lunch time)1 hour 15 mins

This event is designed for new or existing Siemens customers, first time drive users, and users of competitor drives.


Do you want to see how powerful the G120 really is? Check it out at ​