Learning to Let Go of the Wire – Implementing the Building Blocks for a Reliable Wireless Network​
Learning to let go of wire_keyvisual.jpg

WiFi technology applied to industrial applications can solve many challenges.  But applied incorrectly, it can also create much frustration for the end user.  In this workshop, we will learn the basics of wireless theory while using the SCALANCE W platform to configure solid applications built on these principles. Additional emphasis will be placed on selecting the right wireless technology for the application, approaches to diagnostics and troubleshooting, common pitfalls, and best practices complemented with real world examples.  Participants will take away an overarching understanding of how and when to apply industrial wireless technology.​

The "Learning to Let Go of the Wire" event has been designed to offer fundamental principles of wireless communication and best practices as applied to industrial wireless applications.   This workshop is offered in both a short (5 hour) and full (8 hour) version.  Students will get hands on experience with Siemens SCALANCE W Access Points and Clients, setting up basic communications, getting familiar with the essential WBM features, and understanding the critical factors that can affect wireless communication quality and overall success.

You will learn:

· How to complete basic radio connectivity using SCALANCE W Access Points and Clients.

· How to find and configure essential wireless features in Web Based Management including diagnostic information.

· How to diagnose and troubleshoot basic wireless issues using built in tools and available statistical information.

· How to configure and demonstrate roaming and security concepts.​