​Sa​fety Relay Hands-On Workshop
​Why You Should Attend 
Learn about the latest safety standards and how the SIRIUS 3SK safety relay family offers simplicity, flexibility and efficiency in meeting those standards for safety applications, and configure a live safety relay system.

Attendees will receive detailed information on the importance of safety and the sections listed above. After covering a general familiarization of the products, the software and what it is capable of, the class will conclude with a hands-on lab. This lab will focus on the assembly of the 3SK1 components and the functionality of the products. It will also have a 3SK2 Safety Relay system demonstration. 

Topics Covered 

  • North American and European Machine Safety Standards
  • 3SK Safety Relay Product Description, Selection, Advantages/Benefits
  • Typical Safety Circuits from SIL1/PL b to SIL3/ PL e
  • Assembly of 3SK1 Components
  • Configuration and Operation of a Live Safety Relay System – Hans-On