​SIMOCODE Pro – Discover Opportunity with Smart Motor Management​

Are you looking to improve your productivity by having improved control and visibility into your full voltage motor applications. Such as for pumping, conveyors or ventilation?

Discover easy solutions to complex motor management problems.


The SIMOCODE Pro is a "Smart" Overload Relay that opens up solutions for countless low voltage, constant speed motor management applications. SIMOCODE pro supports multiple network protocols including PROFIBUS, PROFINET, MODBUS RTU and now EtherNet/IP​

During a half day class you will be educated on the value  of the SIMOCODE Pro system and how it doesn't just protect your motor but how it can provide protection for the process the motor is associated with.


Attend the SIMOCODE Pro Lunch & Learn to get training that includes:

·        Hardware overview

·        Software overview

·        Customer application examples

·        Live demos showing how to create/test SIMOCODE configurations through TIA Portal


*SIPEC EVENT UPDATED with NEW information regarding SIMOCODE with EtherNet/IP Communication; available as of 2018!​​